When making Pedagogical Visits to Cordoba, must decide where to do it.

GUIDED VISIT to the Medina Azahara of Cordoba for
Educational Centers

Official Guide (Private)  + Headphones

Situated 10 Kilometers West of Cordoba, in a sugestive site , between the mountains and the plaine, is MADINAT AL-ZAHRA, built by Abd al-Rahman III in 940. Its perimeter sourronded by walls has arround 112Hc. This city was the residence of the souberain and his court, and also the administration of the State. It was a symbol of the new political and idelogical order of Al -Andalus under the Independent Caliphate of Cordova. The educational tour will be adapted to the level of the students.

The explanations of the guide will be tailored to the educational level of the group, so it is important to indicate the course of the group.