At the time of visiting Córdoba, you must decide how you want to do it.

Festival of the Patios (Courtyards) of Cordoba

Official Guide + Patios of Cordoba

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The Spring Festival of the Courtyards of Cordoba takes place during the second week of may. It is probably the most elegant among the popular celebrations in Andalusia. It is a contest to discover which courtyard in private houses is the most beautiful. These days, when the flowers are blooming, the courtyards loose privacy to be open for the unknown visitors.

The houses are distributed in more than 600 streets, lanes and squares, forming the bigest Monumental City Center in Europe, a World Heritage of the UNESCO. We offer you the opportunity of visiting these patios at the sunset, in the aroma of the jasmin, orange blossoms and carnations and the thousand of flowers and plants that decorate its white walls.