At the time of visiting Córdoba, you must decide how you want to do it.

Walk in the nightfall through the center of the city of Cordoba

Official Guide + Headphones

This tour is the most suitable for you if you feel like having a night walk through the streets of Córdoba. The moonlight will illuminate the historical center spots. Why is there a street called the “Head Street”? Did you know that the Potro Square appears in the novel Don Quixote?

The beautiful callejas (streets) de las Flores and del Pañuelo will remind you of the white towns of Andalusia. Finally, we’ll end the tour enjoying a tasteful wine, typical from Córdoba, from a terrace with magical views of the Mosque-cathedral.

* Calleja de las Flores.
* Calleja del Pañuelo.
* Casa de las Cabezas.
* Arco del Portillo.
* Palacio de los marqueses del Carpio.
* Plaza del Potro.
* Ribera del río Guadalquivir.
* Puente romano.
* Mezquita-Catedral.